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 2 years warranty in spare parts 

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auto Spare part

Auto Parts

  • Glow Plugs

  • Rear Axle

  • Wheel Hub

  • Brake Drum

  • Brake Disc

  • Car Mat

  • Autobody Dent Repair Tools

  • Auto Apparatus

  • Oil Filter

  • Air Filter

  • Fuel Filter

  • Cabin Air Filter


Truck Parts

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Hydraulic Tanks

  • Trailer Fuel Tanks

  • Bracket Sets

  • Axle

  • Wheel Hubs

  • Filters

potato planter

Agricultural Machinery

  • Romork

  • Trailers Single Axle & Double Axle

  • Pool Type Trailer

  • Tandem Axle Trailer

  • Grain Cart

  • Potato Planter & Potato Harvester

  • Potato Harvester with Tank

  • Cultivator

  • Fertilizer Spreaders

  • Levelling Blade

  • Mud-proof Roller

  • Grass Mower

  • Caravan

 All products are made in Turkey 

 Who we are 

  •  Ozden aims to become trusted and respected company in global marketplaces. Our most substantial goal is customer satisfaction. We offer products at a price and quality that will keep our customers one step ahead of their competitors. 

  •  We are giving high priority to the quality / price performance of the product, to provide quality service, to continuity in procurement and to become a continuous supplier. 

  •  We offer a wide range of products. The sectors we work are Automotive, Food and Agricultural Machinery. 

  •  Our products are produced for our own brands. We offer you the opportunity to produce under your brand name. 

  •  We have dedicated our energy and passion to serve you the best. 

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