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 Who we are 

Ozden International Trade aims to become trusted and respected trade company in global marketplaces. Our most substantial goal is customer satisfaction. We introduce products suitable for the markets with our reliable suppliers who are capable of producing high quality and large amount of products.

In addition to trust-based trade, we are giving high priority to the quality / price performance of the product, to provide quality service, to continuity in procurement and to become a continuous supplier.

We offer a wide range of retail and wholesale spare parts for trucks and passenger cars. It is enough for us to know the OEM number of the product you requested.  

Our product range also includes high quality and diverse food products; Baby Foods, Cookies, Chocolate, Spaghetti, Pasta, Flours, Wafer, Biscuit and Nuts. 

Our energy and passion dedicated to serve you the best.

 Our Vision is 

With our energy and passion;

To build a value that is perceived as the most trusted and most respected international trade company.

 Our Mision is 

With our energy and passion;

To build connections between companies in Turkey and world for marketplaces to get best quality product.