Truck  Fuel & Hydraulic Tanks  -  Bracket Sets 

As long as our production structure is suitable, special products can be produced according to your demands for agricultural trailer axle and passenger cars.

 Mercedes 56x64 

 Scania 67x70 


 Mercedes 70x70 

 Renault / Volvo  71x69 

 Universal 51x67 

 Volvo - Renault  64x69 

 MAN / IVECO (Steel) 51x61 

 Trailer Fuel Tank  56x64 

 Trailer Fuel Tank  58x67 

 Trailer Fuel Tank  600 

 Renault / Volvo  56x68 

 Universal 58x67 

 Scania Low Chasis  51x71 

 IVECO 62X67 

 Trailer Fuel Tank 51x67 

 Trailer Fuel Tank  470 

 Trailer Fuel Tank  550 

 Hydraulic Tanks 

 Hydraulic Tanks 

 Bracket Sets 

 Aluminium Fuel Tanks  

 Aluminium Trailer Fuel Tanks  

 Hydraulic Tanks 

 Bracket Sets 

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